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Leaders in Million Dollar Recoveries!
Don't Be Fooled... You Really Can Pay Lower Fees and Get a Great Lawyer!
If you’re Paying Too Much for Legal Counselor you’ve been 
Tempted or Drawn-in by the Usual Faces on TV and Billboards -

(You know who they are - they make “no fee” guarantees and then charge large 1/3 fees or 50% referral fees, and pass you off to another lawyer)...

Come See Us! (We even make house and hospital visits!*)

Our Reputation and Track Record Speak for Themselves: 
We Have Earned Our Clients Over $200,000,000 in Settlements!
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*Conditions may apply.                                                                                              For more information:
1.) We Do the Work Ourselves ~
we don’t pay others to do the work for us.

2.) We Don't Pay Millions of $$ to 
Advertise on TV.

3.) We Rely on Referrals from Satisfied Clients & Other Attorneys,
which is where we get the Majority of Our Cases.  Those referrals 
don’t cost you a thing. That all results in less fees, and more money for you!
How Are We Able to Keep Our Fees So Low?